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It takes more than just a vacuum to REALLY clean your air ducts!

2 air duct cleaning technicians getting equipment ready.

Real air duct cleaning gives us amazing health benefits; especially for our fellow residents in the dusty wind-tunnel of Las Vegas. When we keep our air vents pristine to the Breathe Clean Standard (All vents + air system equipment entirely cleansed free of dust and debris) we start to feel the difference it makes on our daily health and living experience, such as:

  • Lower allergies
  • Lighter, cleaner and easier air to breathe
  • Less dust-related symptom flare-ups for people with respiratory issues
  • Better air flow in every room
  • Better smell throughout the home or office (eliminates smelly odors coming from vents)
  • Peace of mind with lower energy bills and less repairs with longer-lasting HVAC units

After discovering the difference made by having clean air in our own family’s home, we made it our mission here at Breathe Clean to educate as many Vegas locals as possible on the impact of breathing healthy air in our homes and workplaces.

The dry air and strong winds of the Mojave Desert carry dust into our home air conditioning and heating systems very easily. A quick vacuum and sweep of only an arms length of duct work will not make the difference in air quality you’re looking for. With our Breathe Clean Standard, every square inch of all air ducts and equipment in your air system will be spotless.

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Team of Las Vegas Duct Cleaning Experts at Breathe Clean.

Our Services

Residential Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air Duct Cleaning

Our home air vent cleaning service will leave all ducts, vents and air systems in your house 100% cleaned all the way through. All of our highly trained and certified Home Air Duct Cleaning Technicians meet the Breathe Clean Standard in full detail with every job. Every house we finish cleansing is triple checked and inspected to the finest detail before our job is complete.
In our residential vent cleaning process, we use HEPA air filters and negative air systems, compressed air agitation and brush to remove built up debris, dirt, dust, mold and other microbial air duct contamination in Vegas homes.
*All our duct cleanings come included with a before and after HD video inspection of all supply ducts and return ducts.

Commercial air duct cleaning equipment inside a trailer.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

The commercial vent cleaning service we offer results in 100% clean and clear air ducts, ductwork and central air systems throughout office buildings, hotels, restaurants and other commercial buildings in the Las Vegas Valley. The Breathe Clean Standard we follow for commercial duct cleaning allows us to thoroughly get the job done while carrying ourselves with the utmost professionalism and cleanliness when working in your facility. We have a track record working with reputable companies in Las Vegas; and we generally take on large scale air ducts cleaning projects in facilities of all types and sizes.

Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning Services.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Just like our air duct cleaning services, when we clean out dryer vents, the result is 100% clean dryer vents through and through. Our team uses High-Definition video equipment to inspect and assist in the sanitizing and cleaning of dryer vents. The equipment we use for this service allows us to work on large projects in industrial facilities or smaller residential jobs providing the same quality altogether. All of our work is also guaranteed to be done above regulatory standards. Prevent a fire from starting by getting a full-cleaning of your dryer vents now.

Other Services

Air Duct Cleaning and sealing Tools inside a trailer.

Air Duct Sealing

Extensive air duct inspections with HD video equipment.

Air Duct Inspections

Solving air flow problems in a Las Vegas home.

Air Flow Services

Air Vent & filter maintenance in Las Vegas

Air Filter Maintenance

A trailer with air duct tools and equipment for duct cleaning and repairs.

Air Duct Repair

The Breathe Clean Standard

It didn’t take long for us to realize that most air duct companies in Las Vegas offering cleaning services do NOT actually clean all the ductwork. So we created our own standard of what “clean air ducts” means to us. Our Breathe Clean Standard is simple, but leaves powerful results:

  • 100% Fully-cleaned air ducts – truly clean, all the way through.
  • Full cleaning of AC coils, AC units, and all home air systems (or commercial).
  • Meticulous triple-checked detailed cleaning.
  • Guaranteed to be clean beyond regulatory standards.
  • Maximal bacteria and allergen removal.
  • Utmost professionalism and customer service.
  • Use of HEPA filtering equipment.
  • Use of HD video equipment.

Having high-quality, clean air flowing through your home is something a lot of Vegas residents strive for. Buying air purification devices, regularly replacing air filters and maintaining clean AC units are all steps in the right direction. At Breathe Clean, we offer the other essential parts of the job that aren’t easy to do for the every day homeowner. Cleaning every inch of the ventilation ducts running through your home is part of it; but we don’t stop there. We rigorously clean out all parts of your air system throughout your home, including air conditioner coils and all connected HVAC units.

With the special equipment we work with, we’re able to offer air duct services other local companies can’t. From fully cleaning out chimneys and fireplaces to clearing out all smoke odors in any home or building. Our commercial services can take care of any type of industrial or large scale air duct cleaning projects.

Client Testimonials

87 reviews on
tia mcintyre
tia mcintyre
Professional and personable. The team was very transparent every step of the way. Couldn't be happier with our service, pricing was also better than anyone else around.
Sharon Cahn
Sharon Cahn
We had our ducts cleaned and the house pressured tested. Nothing was a secret. It was right there on their computer. I saw for myself that we have been heating and cooling the attic. Previous owners has shoved carbon filters in the vents and ripped the ducting! All because they smoked!!! They checked my vent above the cooktop and found that the vent to the outside had been stuccoed shut to the outside. No wonder the fan was on overload and loud and dinner was smelled all through the house. These guys went above and beyond. I highly recommend them. Our air conditioning has been on continuously and what a difference! Clean air. House not dusty. Not sneezing. So worth it!!!
Sandra Cruz
Sandra Cruz
Very happy with the service. They provided. Technicians were very polite and respectful of the property. They made sure they kept me as the homeowner aware of what they were going to do. The owner came towards the end and did the duct leakage test. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for air duct cleaning and performance.
Adrianna Vela
Adrianna Vela
Breathe Clean Heating & AC Duct Cleaning was very professional. They were super responsive to all our calls. They ensured we knew the process of cleaning the air ducts and dryer vents. The before and after we’re unbelievable. We are a military family that is sensitive to all allergies and having this done was crucial. Definitely give them a call. Their prices were very reasonable. 😁
andrew russell
andrew russell
If there was an option for no stars I would choose that. We were happy with the initial clean but the reusable air filter they brought did not fit. We waited multiple months for the filter to be replaced. Emails were ignored,we were promised they would set something up and it never happened. Finally they make an appointment, came an hour late , then left it on the doorstep. The owner had the nerve to blame us for the months with no filter. He tried to say he banged on my window. I was home and my guard dog was home and never heard him. When actually he probably just left it on my doorstep so he did not have to face us and apologize.
Nadine Topacio
Nadine Topacio
Kyle Salas was very thorough with the job that needed to be done.
Kyle was very informative with answering questions and took the time to not only clean up after, but also covered areas to prevent any messes as well. Great service.
B. Rekt
B. Rekt
We purchased our home about 5 years ago and have wanted to get our vents cleaned since then. We kept pushing it off due to bigger projects coming up. Fortunately we finally decided to get them cleaned and chose to go with BREATHE CLEAN HEATING & AC DUCT CLEANING. My wife and I are extremely happy that we finally got this done. Within hours of the service we could tell a difference in the air quality in our home. The company was responsive, timely, and professional. Furthermore their employee, Kyle was extremely friendly and got this deep cleaning done in a timely fashion. He was courteous of our home and belongings and ensured that he took the necessary steps to cover and protect our furniture. Overall I would highly recommend this company, and if you decide to go with then hopefully you get Kyle as your duct cleaner!
James ORourke
James ORourke
For $550, we got the following: Video Inspection/ Pressure Test/ Clean all branches, trunks, and Air Ducts Supply and Return in addition to HVAC/ Furnace unit and Plenum Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning and Overall Duct Leakage Test. Mike was very thorough in his cleaning and was more than happy to answer a bunch of my questions while doing his work. Very pleased with this service and the price. Will definitely use again in the future.


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PAC Certification
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Improving Indoor Air Quality

In-home air in Las Vegas is usually filled with dust and debris that can circulate and land on your home furniture, flooring and eventually in your lungs. Air duct cleaning is a simple way to ensure quality air and a hygienic home for you and your family. Home and commercial air ventilation systems are prone to contain dirty filters and hard-to-reach areas that a simple run-through won’t be able to clear out. With our professional air duct technicians’ help, you can maintain top air quality in your Las Vegas home. We’re here to help with all indoor air quality needs; let us clean your air and rid your worries with our assistance, 24/7.

Maintenance To Improve Efficiency & Save Money

Frequent repairs can often prove to be a massive problem for most families and business owners when air systems aren’t maintained. Lots of locals worry about how much maintenance is required for their HVAC systems. With us, you can avoid the hassle of excessive upkeep and uncontrolled costs; you can use those savings in other ways for your home and family. Prioritizing health and happiness are our primary goals. Our certified employees are here to help and offer 100% satisfaction with all concerns you may have. Every one of our employees is thoughtful and caring about our customers and helps in every way they can. Everything we do is for the beneficial factors that offer stability and security in your home and business. Having your air conditioner cleaned enables top-quality systems and less money spent on upgrades and replacements. Air duct cleaning is an easy way to get more for less, you save on repairs and replacements, and you give your family a healthy lifestyle as well.

The Best Duct Cleaning Service for Allergies in Las Vegas

Along with remnants of dust and air-borne debris, there are traces of contaminants and micro-organisms that can damage those with respiratory problems and allergies. These include but are not limited to bacteria, mildew, mold spores, and pet dander. Our family-owned company makes it our business to provide a healthy, dust-free environment for your family. Certified technicians sign on to deliver a cleaning service for your air ducts that will have your air clean and dust free. Strong winds can move these allergens around and cause them to get stuck inside the air ducts.

Therefore, whenever we turn on our AC unit or any air conditioning that goes on throughout the house, air ducts unknowingly spread these allergens throughout our home and into the lungs of our guests and families. Our company strives to eliminate these issues and problems inside the homes and businesses of those we care about. We have a 100% guarantee that the cleanliness of your air ducts will leave you satisfied. Choosing not to clean your air ducts can lead to breathing in harmful bacteria and allergens that can trigger coughing and sneezing; This causes a disturbance in an otherwise peaceful home. Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning Las Vegas is the best service for allergies in our local area because of our unique methods and knowledge of southern NV. Our service is the most thorough on the market with care and quality that goes into every cleaning. Peace of mind by breathing in cleaner air has never been easier, we’re just one call away at (702) 846-9557.

Eliminating Odors Coming From Air Vents

Smells and foul odors may be coming from your carpet or bedding, but it’s be your air duct that circulates those smelly compounds through your house. Air ducts can harbor unpleasant smells that regular air duct cleaning may not get to. Having your air ducts cleaned would get rid of any foul odors originating in these air ducts. Many things contribute to the smell that could be gathering in the air duct itself; anything from paint fumes, tobacco, or even food could be causing a smell to start in your ducts. This usually signifies that it is time for an air duct cleaning to ensure your entire ventilation system doesn’t have any bad smells.

Las Vegas air should be easy to breathe and when it comes to your home, reliable for health reasons. A good air duct cleaning can allow you to put your trust back in your air systems. Our services provide a spotless wash that will leave you breathing easily and happily.

A Specialty Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning Company

*Our services are specifically tailored for Las Vegas homes and businesses.

Most Las Vegas homeowners don’t realize how deep we can clean when it comes to air ducts, and consequently, most also don’t realize that the amount of dust and debris from outside can affect your air quality. Having them cleaned would ensure that no allergens or bacteria would get breathed in daily by you and your family. The health benefits that a professionally cleaned air system offers to any family or business are impactful, considering we spend all day breathing in whatever comes from our vents. In this Las Vegas heat, we spend all day cooling off next to our A/C, and we do this without ever realizing what is actually coming out of them. The number of bacteria intake from our own offices or rooms surpasses what we should be exposed to, and in turn, our health has been put at risk. We must do everything in our power to keep our homes and businesses safe and breathing-friendly. Certifications and training are our top priorities to ensure that our employees know how to handle your home and your air with 100% certainty, security, and satisfaction. Our top-quality equipment and trained, certified professional personnel ensure that the air quality of your home and business is as clean as can be. Everything from HVAC systems, dryer vents, AC coils, units, fan propellers, filters & more – is guaranteed to be spotless.

Air Flow Improvements – Why It’s Important & Cost Effective

Improving indoor airflow leads to better air quality and fewer damage-related costs. Air filters are made up of materials that can keep the dust and debris from getting into our units in the first place. If the air filters aren’t swapped and the connected systems aren’t cleaned out and maintained, then the dust can eventually ruin the components of the HVAC system. So it is essential that the filters are cleared out and maintained to prevent them from getting damaged and clogged faster than usual. This will remove the need for replacements for air filters. Many simple HVAC tune-ups can run for up to $75 – $200.

Furthermore, extended services can go up to $150 – $500; This is money you could use on your family and other daily essentials. There’s no reason to spend so much money repeatedly when our services can provide air system cleaning and A/C duct cleaning. One service is all it would take to reduce the amount of money you would spend. Clean air ducts remove the bacteria and other pathogens in your air, and up your air quality for enjoyable breathing. The utmost satisfaction of our services is essential to our company and our standards.

Getting your air ducts cleaned can also help a technician spot if there are any other problems with your HVAC system, filters, etc. Not only would you already be getting your AC cleaned out, but you can also figure out if any underlying problems are going on further down that you hadn’t noticed before getting the service done. Doing so will reduce the chance of something breaking or failing down the line and reduce the cost of any other problem that may arise. Not only would it help reduce the cost, but it would also help protect anyone coming into your home or business.

Hiring The Highest Quality Service In The Las Vegas Valley

We come home and expect to be safe, but there are dangers all around us that can prove deadly if not taken care of; with our expert air duct cleaning Las Vegas upscale standards, we can help provide a safer environment. In the dry Mojave Desert heat, our air units are life savers, so we have to maintain them to be up and running with 100% efficiency to keep us in comfort. Having them checked and cleaned is essential to homes and businesses alike. Regular upkeep and maintenance is crucial to any appliance in our homes, so it is only natural that one of the most important ones should have the same sustenance – (our air ducts!).

Easily accessible through phone or computer, our duct cleaning services in Las Vegas provides a full air system clean out, dryer vent cleaning, HVAC unit cleaning, coil cleaning, fan blade cleaning, heating system clean outs, & more. These services improve the quality of your home and business life. Here in Las Vegas, NV, clean air is our top priority, and having your air ducts clean is our way of helping clear your air and your mind. Our service is easily accessible for all customers that want breathable healthy air. Having your air ducts cleaned by us will bring anyone peace of mind with clean air and our teams professional service. With lots of care and attention to detail, we ensure that our quality is up to standard with NADCA, BPI, ANSI, and more. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll enjoy the breathability after our technicians are done. Contact our Las Vegas NV office to schedule a brighter, healthier future. Call us today at (702) 846-9557.