The Breathe Clean Standard (BCS)

The Breathe Clean Standard (BCS) is the highest-grade industry standard held by an air duct cleaning company in Las Vegas. This quality standard is mainly defined by the ability and systems used to fully clean ductwork and every unit connected to a commercial or home ventilation system. This includes a full sanitizing of every square inch of AC ducts throughout the building. Jason, the owner of Breathe Clean invented the BCS after changing the quality of air in his home for his daughters “incurable” lung disease [link to about page]. There is no other company that uses the BCS or a similar quality of service methodology. Very few air duct cleaning companies use the regulatory standards set by NADCA. We clean above and beyond the NADCA standard.

The Breathe Clean Standard (BCS) Regulated Air Duct Cleaning Process.

The Breathe Clean Standard Is Simple, But Leaves Powerful Lasting Results:

  • 100% Fully-cleaned air ducts – truly clean, all the way through.
  • Full cleaning of AC coils, AC units, and all home air systems (or commercial).
  • Meticulous triple-checked detailed cleaning.
  • Guaranteed to be clean beyond regulatory standards.
  • Maximal bacteria and allergen removal.
  • Utmost professionalism and customer service.
  • Use of HEPA filtering equipment.
  • Use of HD video equipment.

Air Quality Results That Matter

This standard of cleaning air vents is unmatched here in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, NV. The difference our thorough cleaning process makes is measured by the lifestyle-changing results. You’re welcome to read our Google reviews to see for yourself, but here are some of the results you can expect from The Breathe Clean Standard:

  1. Lower allergies
  2. Lighter, cleaner and easier air to breathe
  3. Less dust-related symptom flare-ups for people with respiratory issues
  4. Better air flow in every room
  5. Better smell throughout the home or office (eliminates smelly odors coming from vents)
  6. Peace of mind with lower energy bills and less repairs with longer-lasting HVAC units
Logo for Breathe Clean Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning
Las Vegas duct cleaning team from Breathe Clean.

Our technicians all follow the BCS to the letter and are fully trained and certified in the State of Nevada.
Their credentials are as follows:

– BPI Certified in IDL (Infiltration and Duct Leakage)
– BPI Certified in Building Analyst
– BPI Certified in Building Envelope
– AirCare Certified in Air Duct Cleaning
– NTI Certified in HVAC
– Certified in HVAC/Refrigeration


QUADCA Certification
NADCA Certified Ventilation Inspector
NADCA Ventilation Maintenance Technician Certification
NADCA Air Systems Cleaning Specialist Certification

AirCare Air Duct Cleaning Certification
BPI Certified in Building Envelope
BPI Certified in Building Analyst
BPI Certified in Infiltration & Duct Leakage

PAC Certification
ANSI Certification
NFPA 96 Certification
IKECA Certification
HVAC/R Certified

Client Testimonials

Douglas was very prompt and polite. He got started and didn’t stop until he was done. He did a great job and I am very pleased. I would recommend this company to all of my friends. Found them in the shopper magazine. Trust and professionalism. Two great qualities in a good company. Thank you for the great job you did.

Kurt Garrett

These guys did an awesome job! They showed up on time, were very professional, and left my place spotless. My home has less dust and has shown a noticeable difference in air flow since receiving Breathe Clean's air duct cleaning service. I highly recommend these guys and getting this service done, it has made a huge difference!

NewMark Media

Great experience. Showed up early for the appointment. Very friendly and helpful technicians. Even came back the next day to help us with a very minor issue, which was resolved in under 5 minutes! Highly recommended.

Bill S.

Steve was the name of the technician that we had. Is on time, clean, courteous, and very professional. We are totally satisfied with the service he performed and will not hesitate to use them again when needed.

Ernie Elford

Everyone we spoke to and dealt with was professional, and courteous. Was punctual, (actually was able to come a little early) and Steve did a great job! Thank you Sunny and Steve!

Kelly Hall

This company is amazing! I bought a condo that the previous owners were smokers of and had a bad smell in the house. They came and cleaned the vents, along with the O-Zone treatment. My house smells clean and fresh, what a difference!

Casey Day

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