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Most people think they don’t need to clean their chimneys. Some people the only types of chimneys to be cleaned are the ones connected to a wood burning fireplace. However, the National Fire Protection Association [link to their site] recommends that every household with a fireplace have their chimney inspected, cleaned and serviced once per year by a certified professional.

Preventing Chimney Fires

It’s very important every chimney gets cleaned regularly – the usual time frame is once or twice per year depending on how frequently the fire source is used. Without regular cleaning, a fire can start within the chimney as soot and debris turn into a sticky substance (creosote) that clings to the inner walls catch on fire. This has left many homes in ruin as homeowners generally don’t think about the cleanliness of the inside of their chimney.

With the Breathe Clean Standard, you can count on the most thorough cleaning your chimney can possibly get. We clean every square inch spotless, including the chimney vent, crown and fireplace. If there is an animal or nest stuck in your chimney we will humanely remove what’s in there. Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning has the highest cleaning standards in Vegas – our standards go well-beyond the regulatory guidelines met by other companies in our industry. We take great pride in our results and we have a 100% guarantee that will leave you satisfied for years using our services in your home.

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After cleaning air ducts in Las Vegas for years, we’ve serviced homes and buildings of all types and sizes. Cleaning old and new chimneys as well as rustic and modern fireplaces is something our team does on the regular.

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