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None of us like the feeling of sitting in a room that smells like the inside of a dryer machine. It can actually make us sick, let alone how disgusting it is to where we get nauseated and can’t stand it.

We at Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning have the perfect solution for you! Offering an air vent cleaning service that will clean out all vents in your home. This includes the type of cleaning thats necessary to help those with asthma or other breathing problems to breathe more easily. Our cleaning protocols and standards also help those who are sensitive to the allergies we get here in Las Vegas. We make our customers’ homes smell clean by clearing out all the dust, debris, and allergens out of all the ductwork running through their homes. We also offer commercial air duct cleaning for customers that need our service for warehouses, hospitals, office buildings and more.

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The Difference Comes With The Breathe Clean Standard (BCS)

If you have a family member with a breathing problem, peace of mind is something you may be unsure of having. Flare-ups of lung or breathing problems usually come from irritants that run through the air vents in your home. Mostly all Las Vegas air vent cleaning companies will only clean the immediate ducts inside each vent of the residence. This leaves loads of dust on all the walls of the internal ducts. Not only does it leave it there, but it will actually cause the debris to be loosened and put into the air the next time the vent goes on; and that leaves you in a vicious cycle with air that never gets fully cleaned.

On top of that, those companies don’t clean the connected units in your HVAC system. Without cleaning these connected units, coils and internal ductwork, the forced air will pick up the debris and dust; leaving you with dirty air that flows right back into the ventilation system. Which is what causes the vicious cycle of never getting rid of the polluted air in your household.

With our standards for air duct cleaning, all of the attached units and every connected duct in your home air system will be SPOTLESS.

The Benefits Of Having A Clean Air Vent

Residential Air Duct Cleaning Service

We take great pride in the high attention to detail that we have in our work. Every job is triple checked with HD video equipment and inspected to be left beyond regulatory standards. The results of our work leave you with:

  • Lower allergies
  • Lighter, cleaner and easier air to breathe
  • Less dust-related symptom flare-ups for people with respiratory issues
  • Better air flow in every room
  • Better smell throughout the home or office (eliminates smelly odors coming from vents)
  • Peace of mind with lower energy bills and less repairs with longer-lasting HVAC units

About Our Company

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Breathe Clean started years ago when the owner, Jason Powell, made it his mission to figure out how to cure his daughter’s lung problems – which gave her an incurable batch of symptoms similar to whooping cough. After buying his own equipment and giving his HVAC system a detailed cleaning, his daughter’s symptoms were completely gone. What seemed to be a miracle to Jason is now the heart of our cleaning process which follows the same protocol Jason used in his home that day.

Give us a call if you’re looking for an actual noticeable difference in the quality of air you and your family breathe in your home. Our local technicians are on standby servicing homes throughout the Las Vegas Valley 24/7.
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