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Commercial Hood Vent Cleaning Services

The kitchen is the most important part of every local restaurant business. Therefor it’s a priority to restaurant owners to keep all of the components in clean condition and good working order.

For the best performance of your overhead hood vents, you need to make sure the entire vent and air duct is cleaned all the way through. A good sign you need a cleaning is if it smells oily or like old food near the hood exhaust. But ideally, a licensed and certified professional would be hired to come in and make sure the job is done beyond regulatory standards; that’s where we come in.

At Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning we actually offer a full cleaning of your kitchen exhaust vents, grease traps, ovens and appliances. This is a thorough high-detailed cleaning of all of those components of your kitchen and everything interconnected with them.
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Fully Sanitized Exhaust Fans & Grease Traps For Vegas Restaurants

The grease from cooking all day 6 days per week all year round will eventually build up to a point that the filters clog and the fan system starts over working. This strain on the motor of the exhaust unit will increase the electricity bill for your restaurant. It also reduces the lifespan of the exhaust hood vent system. Making you have to constantly buy new parts for it or replace it well before you should need to. With our comprehensive restaurant vent and air duct cleaning service all of this simply won’t happen anymore.

Breathe Clean is dedicated to providing high-quality service for restaurant fire prevention and to ensure the safety of your kitchen and the people that work within it.

Restaurant Hood Ventilation Maintenance Cleaning

Totally automated for you, our team will come in year-round at our pre-scheduled dates to perform the thorough cleaning service. Your commercial exhaust hood vent will last longer, the air in your restaurant will be clean to breathe, odors will be removed and more. See why restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip use our services and why you should too by calling us at (702) 846-9557.

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