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Years ago, the owner of our amazing company Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning, Jason Powell; went on a mission to find a remedy for his daughter’s lung problems. Suffering from something similar to whooping cough, doctors had no solution for Jason’s daughter and told the family there was no cure. Jason didn’t accept this being the case and thought there had to be a cure out there for his daughters lung issues. After hours of research he came across information on how vent and air duct cleaning helps clean the air inside homes which can lead to easier breathing. He didn’t want to leave the cleaning up to a local company that might not do the most thorough job possible.

Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning

After going through school, Jason went out and purchased all the recommended equipment needed to do an in-depth duct cleaning throughout his house. Soon after, Jason’s daughter had a miraculous recovery from her symptoms – having no more flare-ups and the ability to breathe with ease. That’s the moment Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning was born in 2017. Ever since, it’s been our mission to inform Vegas locals about the amazing health benefits and higher quality of life from having thoroughly cleaned air systems in their homes.

Local News Highlights

The Local small business “Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning Las Vegas”, a company with deep ties to the importance of clean air and revolutionizing clean air for all of the Las Vegas valley; has added a wide array of expansions and certifications for their company. Specializing in clean, healthy breathing for businesses and homes alike, they have taken their knowledge of keeping home air ducts clean and broadened their locations and equipment. Deciding to expand their family of team members, Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning has brought four new technicians to help with all questions, concerns and needs for clean air systems. To help with the transportation and accessibility of these team members they have acquired additional company vehicles, including two more company vans and one equipment trailer.

Their certified technicians and company website work as resources for homeowners to learn the benefits that come from having fully cleaned-out air ducts. Some of the benefits they state are: decreasing allergies, reducing the amount of dust-related symptoms for people with respiratory issues, increasing airflow in every room, eliminating odors that can usually not be tracked down, lowering energy bills and lowering the probability of future repairs. The special equipment they use helps them clean out 100% of the air ducts, leaving no dust or debris behind; as opposed to other companies cleaning only an arms reach of the air ducts. On top of their new specialty air duct cleaning equipment, they have also decided to broaden their reach and resources, recently expanding into the Las Vegas area, Laughlin, Bullhead City and other surrounding areas. Among the vehicles that have been added to their expanding fleet; they have purchased a new duct truck – a brand-new upgrade for high-powered duct cleaning with powerful suction to ensure the utmost quality of service for their clients. With high-powered technological advancements that happened in the air duct cleaning industry recently, Breathe Clean seems to stay ahead of the curve. Which shows in their recent purchase of four brand new high-tech negative air machines that clean the air in homes and create positive and negative air pressure in all facilities where lead, asbestos and mold are prone to show up.

The family-owned business has also added six new high-definition 1080p special-built inspection cameras to ensure high quality thorough inspections. Their team also acquired new high-pressure air compressors for rigorous cleaning, as well as compressed air agitation systems for all residential, industrial and commercial air duct cleaning needs. With all these new additions, they are taking precautionary steps to completely ensure and enforce their “Breathe Clean Standard”.

The company owner and founder, Jason Powell, shows passion in his mission with Breathe Clean Air Duct Cleaning. “We’ve taken all necessary steps and measures to make sure all of our equipment is up to date and the highest quality it can be. This is what sets us apart and enables our team to perform the best air duct cleaning service available on the market. Our mission is to make the air in Las Vegas homes healthy, clean, and breathable.”

Along with updating his arsenal of recently purchased high-tech cleaning and inspection equipment, he has further prepared himself and his team to help combat air duct uncleanliness by abundantly adding top industry certifications certifications. Mr. Powell expanded Breathe Clean’s list of certifications by adding the NADCA Ventilation Maintenance Technician Certification, NADCA Air Systems Cleaning Specialist Certification, NADCA Ventilation Inspector Certification, BPI Building Envelope Certification, BPI Building Analyst Certification, BPI Infiltration & Duct Leakage Certification, AirCare Air Duct Cleaning Certification, HVAC/R Certification, PAC Certification, ANSI Certification, NFPA 96 Certification, and the IKECA Certification. Their hopes for adding these new credentials is for all clients and employees to rest easy knowing that the hygiene and safety of the homes they service are in safe and capable hands. Breathe Clean has a code they abide by as a sign of loyalty and a promise to their clients – to completely clean 100% of air ducts; including all attached HVAC units, A/C coils, propellers and more; providing a thorough sanitization of every square inch of A/C ducts throughout any home or building in Las Vegas, NV. By upgrading, expanding, and modernizing their company, Breathe Clean continues to uphold the expectations and standards of their code.

Breathe Clean Air Duct Technicians cleaning the air vents in a Las Vegas home.
A trailer with air duct tools and equipment for duct cleaning and repairs.
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QUADCA Certification
NADCA Certified Ventilation Inspector
NADCA Ventilation Maintenance Technician Certification
NADCA Air Systems Cleaning Specialist Certification

AirCare Air Duct Cleaning Certification
BPI Certified in Building Envelope
BPI Certified in Building Analyst
BPI Certified in Infiltration & Duct Leakage

PAC Certification
ANSI Certification
NFPA 96 Certification
IKECA Certification
HVAC/R Certified

Client Testimonials

Douglas was very prompt and polite. He got started and didn’t stop until he was done. He did a great job and I am very pleased. I would recommend this company to all of my friends. Found them in the shopper magazine. Trust and professionalism. Two great qualities in a good company. Thank you for the great job you did.

Kurt Garrett

These guys did an awesome job! They showed up on time, were very professional, and left my place spotless. My home has less dust and has shown a noticeable difference in air flow since receiving Breathe Clean's air duct cleaning service. I highly recommend these guys and getting this service done, it has made a huge difference!

NewMark Media

Great experience. Showed up early for the appointment. Very friendly and helpful technicians. Even came back the next day to help us with a very minor issue, which was resolved in under 5 minutes! Highly recommended.

Bill S.

Steve was the name of the technician that we had. Is on time, clean, courteous, and very professional. We are totally satisfied with the service he performed and will not hesitate to use them again when needed.

Ernie Elford

Everyone we spoke to and dealt with was professional, and courteous. Was punctual, (actually was able to come a little early) and Steve did a great job! Thank you Sunny and Steve!

Kelly Hall

This company is amazing! I bought a condo that the previous owners were smokers of and had a bad smell in the house. They came and cleaned the vents, along with the O-Zone treatment. My house smells clean and fresh, what a difference!

Casey Day

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